Injection Molding - Small quantities Plastic Stainless Steel Liquid Silicone Rubber

injection-moldedQuick turn around time from low cost tooling

Injection Molded Parts

Plastic, Metal & Rubber Injection Molding Company

For prototypes or small quantities of production parts

Quantity – from 3 parts and up

Average cost per part is from $4.00 to $8.00 – based on quantiies from 3 to 100 pieces

Average tooling price is from $3,000 to $6,000

Average time to produce your parts – after receiving your 3d cad file is 2 weeks (or less with an upcharge).

These are true injection molded parts – which can be used for:

Initial production requirements

Refining your design

Functional testing during development

Testing various materials

Production parts due to urgent time requirements

We can be of service from design – to prototypes – to production

Design – let our experienced injection molded engineers work with you in designing your model part and in producing your 3d cad model file. This includes fasteners or hardware selection used to assemble parts. Mold design, fastener selection and assembly procedures are key when determining cost cutting methods.

Prototypes – from your 3d cad file, we produce true injection molded parts. We can quote you within 3 to 4 days after receiving your 3d cad file.

Production – let us work with you – to evaluate your production quantities – to enable us to give you your lowest unit price. You should also know that your prototype aluminum tooling is ensured for the life of your project.

Also, see our Prototype Printed Containers capabilities.

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