Packaging Solutions

The pathway to the best packaging solution for your product

Step 1. Material Selection

These are the packaging materials we work with:

1. Corrugated Paperboard (see photos)

2. Paperboard (see photos)

3. Foam – Molded or Fabricated (see photos)

4. Plastic – Molded or Fabricated (see photos)

5. Wood (see photos)

6. Metal (see photos)

7. Molded Pulp (see photos)


From this base of materials we design and produce custom containers, protective positioning inserts, cases, sales kits, insulated shippers for retail displays, molded plastic parts, tubes, protective partitions, bins, mailers and trays. We pride ourselves in sustainable custom packaging solutions. We also have a testing lab for certifying hazardous material 4G containers.

Your benefits package is your free consultation and your free sample – which comes from the selection and design of the most functional and economical materials for your product.

Step 2. What we need – in developing your packaging solutions

A. A request to visit with you – to see your product and obtain the below listed information.

B. What is the weight of your product?

C. Is there an area or areas of your product that you think will need extra protection in shipment?

D. Is your market Industrial or Retail? If Retail, is it high end?

E. What is your unit load – single or bulk shipments?

F. Are your shipments local, national or international – or a combination?

G. What are your projected ordering quantities and your annual quantity requirements?


Step 3. Your Sample

Simply work with us on what we need to know to develop and design a custom solution or solutions for packaging, in plant handling or displaying your product. There is no charge for this service (unless tooling is required for your sample) and since we have been in business since 1967, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Check Mate:

You already have your protective packaging solution but you want to check to see if you have chosen the most functional and economic solution.

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