Material Handling

Material Handling

Allflex offers a variety of bins, trays and totes as well as their Flo-Jo material handling systems. They can be used for storage, moving material or for protection. This can be a reusable system and can be a cost effective way to meet your material handling needs.

Allflex offers stock and custom totes, bins and trays. A material handling solution to meet your needs. Trays, bins and totes can be made from foam, plastic, wood, metal and fiberboard. The tray could be customized with a partition or foam pad for protection. Sizes and design can vary to meet your needs. Once we know your needs we can provide a solution.



Here are some popular examples:

  • Wire parts tray
  • Expanded metal tray
  • Lockabin storage system

  • Plastic tray
  • Fiber tote
  • Foam tray

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